OSB 15,1 mm. Structural

National structural 1st quality board.



The wood used in the production of OSB, is mostly of pine. The chips are cut tangentially from the logs after debarking.


Because of its appearance, the OSB board is perfectly identifiable due to the size of the flakes and their orientation on the surface of the board. The main advantages of OSB board reside in the field of their mechanical properties, which are directly related to the geometry of the chips, as well as its orientation on the board. Although OSB is made up of relatively long flakes, its surface is solid and relatively smooth, and can be enhanced when sanded, without losing the aesthetic appearance that is a characteristic only of the OSB.

The OSB board varies in color depending on the wood species used in its manufacturing process, the gluing system, or the pressing conditions, ranging from a straw-yellow in color to a soft brown.

As a result, one gets boards free of knots and cracks, stable and uniform, that are easy to cut, nail or screw, with common use tools.

On traditional construction methods:

  • Reduces construction time
  • Low costs of materials and labor.
  • Best quality / price ratio
  • Manufactured with the secondary growth of Pine.3



Specifications and certification