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OSB 8 mm. Multipurpose

Non-structural OSB board for border closures, fences, furniture and minor uses.


ULTU Multipurpose OSB is a product that has been developed to meet the use needs of an economic board with multiple applications that require a low structural requirement and take advantage of its rigidity, consistency and modulation compared to other temporary solutions, great versatility and a better response on-site.


Due to its easy handling and resistance, it is ideal to be used for border closures as well as for general packaging and partition walls that do not require major loads. ULTU Multipurpose OSB is usually used in border closures given the speed of its installation and security for the construction site. The boards are reusable and easy to handle, they do not harm the environment, are non-toxic and require no special elements to install. They can be painted, cut and nailed.


Outside temporary use on:

  • Sanitary Works.
  • Identification of work sites.
  • Road Works.
  • Fencing boarders of work sites.
  • Protection for showcases.
  • Installation of tasks.
  • Temporary gates.
  • Various uses at work sites.


Thickness (mm) 8.0
Dimension (mm) 1220×2440
Units per pallet (boards) 108
Density (kg/m3) 520
Weight pallet (kg) 1455